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Adult Stem Cells. The primary role of adult stem cells in humans is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. While we call them adult stem cells

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Embryonic stem cells, derived from the blastocyst stage early mammalian embryos, are distinguished by their ability to differentiate into any cell type and by their

Cell Stem Cell publishes peer-reviewed articles reporting findings of unusual significance in all areas of stem cell research, including biological advances and

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Doctor Zannos Grekos of Regenocyte is a leading stem cell doctor providing adult stem cell therapy to hundreds of patients treated worldwide.

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Adult stem cells (or Somatic Stem Cell): Stem cells that are harvested from tissues in an adult body. These cells are usually multipotent, meaning they can

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In a breakthrough that signifies a move toward a cure for type 1 diabetes, researchers in Australia have identified stem cells in the pancreas that can be turned into

Transmission electron micrograph of an adult stem cell displaying typical ultrastructural characteristics.

knowledge center home » stem cell research » all about stem cells » what are stem cells? What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells that

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