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INTRODUCTION – What Is This Page About? Every day, our s have to make choices that we, as parents, never even dreamed about when we were s.

The Ideal Recovery Approach for Your Teen. People often try drugs and alcohol for the very first time during their teen years. Things like a need for a change, a

vitamin – Vitamin-like substances: There are a number of organic compounds that, although related to the vitamins in activity, cannot be defined as true vitamins

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We are a nonprofit that supports families, like yours, struggling with their son or teen’s substance use.

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The NIDA for Teens Web site helps educate cents ages 11 through 15 (as well as their parents and teachers) on the science behind drug .

Help for parents dealing with a problem teen; defiant, failing college, drug or legal problems; how to tighten family rules; 30-question test for parents

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Find out how to have meaningful, productive conversations with your teen about marijuana — download our free marijuana talk kit to help you answer those tough

Toxic Substances Control Act; Long title: An Act to regulate commerce and protect human health and the environment by requiring testing and necessary use restrictions

Many ADHD drugs are closely regulated. WebMD tells you what that means — and how it affects your prescription.

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Acetaminophen: Easier Dosing Acetaminophen is a very safe medicine when used in recommended doses to treat pain and fever.

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